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Vintage Football Pump adaptor


Sep 17, 2017, 4:57 PM

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Vintage Football Pump adaptor or Reply Privately

Hi all
Just a gamble someone might have one. I'm making up a display of 1950's vintage football gear to show in my Club's Clubhouse. I have a pair of old black Cert football boots in good nick with the hammer in studs, a few old pre-war medals a whistle and an old brass ball pump. I'm looking for an original pre 1960's pump inflator adaptor which used to be inserted in the bladder tube of a lace up football. These were about 1.75 inches long normally brass with a bulbous end which went into the bladder. I need this to go with the pump. If anyone has one they might like to sell me or know of anywhere I can get one I would be very grateful. Have done several searches online already.

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