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Football's original breakaway league

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Oct 14, 2015, 2:50 PM

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Football's original breakaway league or Reply Privately

Interesting story:

Non League Projection - 2020/21: https://docs.google.com/...UTgVhKYTo/edit#gid=0
Step 1: https://www.google.com/....119447550000018&z=7
Step 2: https://www.google.com/...677250654298405&z=15
Step 3: https://www.google.com/...358611350589399&z=16
Step 4: https://www.google.com/...536616305542566&z=16
Step 5: https://www.google.com/...399355140531952&z=16
Step 6: https://www.google.com/...1556307438963813&z=9

Ronald Price
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Oct 14, 2015, 3:24 PM

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Re: [windydcfc] Football's original breakaway league or Reply Privately

Yes - I was aware of its 'bare bones' but good detail. Wall in his 50 Years in Football book claimed the credit for ensuring its failure. At the time the FA had banned short-sided games.

In the final para the writer refers to a London Baseball League for Football League clubs. This did get formed but not solely for those clubs.

Ron Price