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Crewe - use of subs in Youth Cup at Bristol R. ?

John Treleven
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Dec 18, 2013, 12:57 AM

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Crewe - use of subs in Youth Cup at Bristol R. ? or Reply Privately

The only report so far found giving line ups is from Bristol Rovers.
Whilst they give changes and times for their team they do not for Crewe
despite giving their names. The report states Brolin had a shot saved
on 95 so he certainly played and up to two others might have as well.

Crewe Alexandra - Robbie Johnson, James Baille, Joe Kearns, James Jones, Louis Johnson, Perry Ng,
Chris Speed, Ryan Allcock, Callum Saunders, Fraser Murdoch, George Coope
Substitutes (usage not known) - Liam Matthews (GK), Dominic Smith, Joe Howell, Anore Brolin (was on by 95), Liam O’Neill

Smith, Howell & Brolin were used but whom they replaced & their timings are still required

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