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New Revenue Incentive for Non League Football Clubs

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Nov 19, 2008, 2:04 AM

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New Revenue Incentive for Non League Football Clubs or Reply Privately

Non League Football Live has continued with it's pro-active quest in pushing Non League football forward by teaming up with some close friends who will soon be helping clubs all over the country make money.

We have teamed up with a special venture aimed at making money for Non League football clubs. The people themselves have invested in Non League Football Live to ensure a bright future for ourselves whilst we continue to promote Non League football on a world stage.

We have no involvement in the running or finances of the people running this excellent new idea however. The idea is based on a football pools game which is going to be launched on a national level. It will involve anyone wanting to play - pay 2 to predict results of 6 Premier League games with profits plugging into Non League football.

Out of the 2 we have been told 50% will go into the Jackpot for the people who get the selections right. 25% will go to Non League football clubs involved in the venture only and 25% will go to the running costs which is a significant amount due to gambling fees, bank fees, onlines trading fees etc.

The project has so far been worked on for nearly 2 years with lots of research and professional input. It is a fully fledged business with an office in Birmingham and they have also been granted the necessary gambling certificates which can be hard to be granted nowadays.

All it involves is for clubs to put a banner somewhere on their site so users can play the new pools game. We will be looking into special club codes for adverts in programmes etc at a later stage. Once users see this appealing game they click through which will be logged and saved for each club website and if they decide to play then clubs make 25% of the 2 = 50p per player.

Club websites receive a lot of users and if promoted well within their websites there could be a handsome profit to be made. The project is geared towards making money for non league clubs. At a time where clubs are struggling with finances and the credit crunch we are delighted to be able to be partners with such an exciting opportunity. Our values are to promote Non League football and to now have a way of making money for Non League clubs is excellent.

We are currently working with our closest clubs with the view to extend the idea within our feature leagues whilst our partners concentrate within Grass Roots football. If you would like more details please contact Patrick Dickinson on 07969392950


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