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Aug 21, 2019, 7:38 AM

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Re: [007Dale] EU Withdrawal Negotiations or Reply Privately

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As an American who's never traveled abroad, I have a question that I hope doesn't come across as stupid or silly. With border crossings between Northern Ireland and Ireland being one of the focal points of contention surrounding UK's decision to leave the EU, how in the world do the Swedes and Norwegians manage their borders? Same issue with Switzerland. The Swiss are surrounded by EU countries. How are border crossings handled there?

Norway and Switzerland are both in Schengen. Wikipedia has a pretty good explanation.

The U.K. and RoI also had its own border policy prior to both countries joining the EU. The reason why this canít just be recreated is that (from a border perspective) RoI no longer exists, itís essentially a U.K. / EU land boarder.

So we treat it as any other border whether we leave or stay in the EU. This makes the special back stop irrelevant doesn't it? If it does the problems that it creates are solved, aren't they ?

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