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Aug 7, 2018, 9:07 PM

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Re: [multilevel] NLM Main Site future coverage or Reply Privately

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So, back to the criteria which we usually tend to adopt include if it's Step 8 or above. and include if it's Step 9 only if the league has a dedicated editor. As mentioned very early in this thread, the English League System is only defined down as far as Step 7/Level 11. is probably the unofficial listing most often used for Step8/Level 12 and below. At present this includes the requested Central Midlands and divisions at Level 12. The second Wearside division was removed completely only a couple of weeks ago (possibly due to its name being changed to Development Division). And the pair of Hellenic Division Twos do not appear anywhere. (Regarding dedicated editors, Central Midlands and Wearside both have editors; Hellenic does not.)

On this basis, we should include the Central Midlands divisions on NLM. However, the Durham and Wearside Development Division the Hellenic Twos should be held back until they are included at Level 12 in the Wiki listing or in another widely recognised listing.

Problem with waiting for them to be included in the Wikipedia listing is that it is dynamic in the sense that anyone could edit it to include the divisions they want covered.

However, I think that for divisions of leagues that exist at level 11 and above, it's a fairly straightforward thing to regard them as being at level 12 (or above). For instance if the Hellenic League division one's are at level 10 then the division twos have to be considered level 11. If they were "Division Two Development" or something similar then that might be another matter as the league themselves would be making a distinction. However, unless there is something in the League rules treating the division twos as something other than one step below the division ones, we should regard them as step 11.

We never quite got as far as making any decision about whether or not to include the Hellenic Division Twos but when I was updating the Oxfordshire Senior League earlier today, readying it for 2018/19, I felt forced to make a decision.

When updating the Oxfordshire Senior I found myself having to remove the first teams for Adderbury Park and for Long Crendon because they had moved to the Hellenic Division Twos. However, their reserve sides are both in the Oxfordshire Senior League.

Rather than have the rather absurd situation where we were covering the reserve sides of clubs but not the first team, I decided I would create the two Hellenic Division Twos.

I hope nobody takes offence at this and if there is a groundswell against it, we can always undo it.

Good shout! However you have placed them at Step 7 - that is an official designation bestowed by the FA - which the Hellenic Div Two's do not have. The highest they can be placed is Step 8 - and whilst not "real" - it is the notional term used on this forum for any division either feeding a Step 7 division or any division feeding a Step 6 division without Step 7 status.

Also the likes of Aston Clinton and Old Bradwell cannot, under any circumstances have two teams at Step 7. Their first teams are of course in the Step 7 SSML Division Two

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