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May 4, 2017, 8:55 PM

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Re: [scottywalds] HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh or Reply Privately

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Apparently, last year he was still the fifth hardest working Royal.

How many of the wasters are there? Time for republicans everywhere to stand up against this nonsense.

Lots of hangers on, but those not in the direct line (stand up Edward) are paid for by the Queen, not the royal grant. I'm sure if you did a business case, they'd work out profit making when considering tourism, plus a much more important role now in helping secure trade deals.

I doubt you'd get a majority in a referendum to support a republic, even the Australians / Canadians / kiwis are happy with the English Queen as their head of state.

Personally, I'd keep the monarchy, but ditch the House of Lords.

She isn't the English queen she's the British Monarch & you'd be hard pressed to find a single drop of English blood running through her veins.

She was born in London, and had 2 English-born parents.

I was born in Germany & I'm definitely not a German. Where you're born doesn't distinguish your ethnicity or nationality. The Royal family might have ditched there German surname & German Royal titles half way through WW1(not because they wanted too, but because the government forced them too). But it still doesn't stop them being German(with a bit of Danish & Austrian thrown in). I don't agree with the Royal family & think we should ditch them in the 21st Century, others may disagree and love them.

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