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Apr 23, 2017, 11:14 AM

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Re: [leohoenig] Penalty shootout order as in tennis tiebreakes? or Reply Privately

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Do you want to change ends after every six penalties.

I only know of one penalty shoot out that involved a change of ends, Japan v Jordan at the 2004 Asian Cup
Japan protested about the soft ground by the spot, being 2-0 down after two penalties.
They were move to the other end, and both teams scored their third
Jordan then failed to score from four penalties, and Japan went through 4-3 and went on to win the Cup

No, not necessarily change ends. Just alter which team starts first in each "round" of the shootout.

First shoots team A, then shoots team B.
Then shoots team B, then team A.
Then shoots team A, then team B.
Then shoots team B, then team A.
Then shoots team A, then team B.
Then shoots team B, then team A.
and so on...

That would be significantly fairer than the current way where the same team always shoots first.

Here is an example of an article stating that otherwise the team shooting first wins in 60 % of the cases!
(Do we really want a toss of a coin have such importance over the outcome?)

However, there might be a good idea to also change sides. Fact is that it is a significant advantage not having to face one's own fans when shooting. (Or if it was the other way round, but I do think having to look at one's fans is usually adding pressure rather than helping.)


For many years, I've also wanted to let the penalty shootout take place before the extra time.
The penalty shootout outcome will only count if the extra time results in a draw. Otherwise the team winning during the extra time wins the match.
If result after 90 minutes is a draw (like 2-2), then have a shootout.
Then play the extra time. The team that lost the shootout knows it has to win during the extra time in order, because if the match is still a draw after the extra time (like 2-2 or 3-3), they will lose.
Thus, during extra time - at any given moment - one team will need to score to avoid a loss. This would likely result in a more attacking game.

For those interested in stats, here is an article stating the success rate of a penalty shot tends to be lower the more "important" the kick is. For example, taking the first penalty shoot in a shootout seems to be easier than taking a "sudden death" one (like 6th or 7th).

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